Decibully, Milwaukee, WI May 2007

Today I had the pleasure of photographing Decibully for an upcoming press article. It has been nearly a year since I last photographed them and the band has changed its lineup somewhat since then. I love working on these type of images. Adapting to whatever location and dealing with the myriad of jokes and inside quirks that bands have, especially with 7 members.

Mostly I just love getting to be close friends with other artists through my own artform. As we move along though our respective carreers, we seem to have more to say and gather even more appreciation for each other. I am speaking, of course, about the relationship between photographer and subject, artist and artist(s), and eventually friend and friend. I love these boys and truly love their work. I am humbled that they would choose me as their photographer more than once.

Something else that was fun about the shoot was that we did it in their rehearsal space/studio. Albeit we had to improvise to make the shot more dynamic, there was plenty to offer visually in the space. Seeing how other artists use their space and individualize it is always fun. I always love to be in other studios, whether its a painter, musician, printmaker, whomever. Seeing how "the magic happens" always gives me a better understanding of the work produced. I think that sometimes a studio space can be more telling than the artist's own words.

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