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Repeat Offender

Kudzu House (Rear View), Carter's Valley TN 2013 © jwl

I have resigned to photographing this house every time I have the opportunity. I have been to this place 5 or six times. Sometimes I take the same composition, other times I find new views. Now that I live closer to the location than I did when this series started, I can make many more visits in all seasons. The bottom line is that the Kudzu House has a special place in my photographic heart and I want to watch it evolve into dust as best I can.


Walking Photos Seen Differently

Appalachian Trail, Max Patch NC 2013 ©jwl

This is a view from what seemed like the top of the world in NC. The Appalachian Trail crosses this wonderful bald spot in the mountains. I have the pleasure of seeing it thanks to my girlfriend taking me there last week.

It made me think a lot about the 'WALKING PICTURES' and how many different ways that I could take that term within a photographic context. It's seemingly endless as an idea.


Window With A View

 Diner View, Hot Springs NC 2013 © jwl

After a great and relaxing visit to Hot Springs NC this past week, I found this view of the 'landscape' worth a second or third look. This image also gave me pause to look back through some past trips and images to find that I seem to love painted landscapes. I can think of some in Milwaukee, Lousiville, Memphis & Niagra Falls that are also noteworthy.

I have a great idea about a new show of my work. I have tentatively titled it 'GATHERING PLACES'... Stay tuned!


Mining The Past #6

Tire Repair, Four Mile KY 1999 © jwl

So this is a good one. During one of the first trips home to work on my Southeastern View photographs, I blew a tire in KY. Luckily the Brooks Brothers were open late on a Sunday. I think if I would have had this experience today, I would have been more adventurous and photographed the interior of this place. Alas, I only busted out the XA and played outside for a minute while the Brothers did their work getting me back on the road.


Mining The Past #5

Garage, Madison WI 1999 © jwl

Here's a good photograph I dug up from the 1999 neg box! I most likely shot this on a walk with my Olympus XA (a favorite pocket device back then). Touching on the theme of the automobile as well as the immediacy of a Walking photo. A testament to the ideals of keeping your eyes open in the world and that everything you look at could be something worth seeing, despite its banality.

Mining The Past #4

Body Shop, Milwaukee WI 1999 © jwl

Heading way back, into the 90's, I found some really fun B/W images that I had buried deep in the archives. I used up the car/garage theme pretty heavy as a fetish art property back in those days. I personally enjoy seeing where my compositional habits lie in these early images as compared to the formal stance I began to take a few years later. Looking at newer work, I can see a mix of the two styles in the compositions I have been making.