Democracy In Action

Trailer, WI 2010 © jwl

I found this deep in The Vaults. So deep I don't remember taking it! I think that might be it's charm. A true Democratic Moment.


Cleaning House...ETSY PRINT SALE!!

 In an effort to clean out the WAR ROOM I am gonna try and sell off a box of prints at some reasonable prices. I made a batch of prints for a craft fair a few years back and I still have a few laying around.
I am going to sell two sizes of these prints for $15 or $25. There are 10 different images ready to ship. If you are interested in having one of my photographs at a very discounted rate, head over to my ETSY site and see if there's something you would like.


Second Chances

4 Crosses, HWY 16, WI 2009 © jwl

I snagged this beauty during a Cross Wisconsin journey almost 6 years ago. At the time, I felt it a departure moment stylistically. I was just beginning to break away from the more head-on stance that I had been using starting with the Night Work and onward.

Looking at it today, It is welcome a long side many roadside religion style photos that I have been making for some time. Only recently have I given these images a loose collective title of Found Gods. Now that I am getting more interested in the idea of the Found Gods, my eye is training toward them more and more while I am on my Saturday Drives.

Red Cross, HWY 441, TN 2009 © jwl

Here is an example of the head-on approach and another early Found Gods moment.

I feel a show and a book coming together in the next few months!


Retracing My Steps

Building, HWY 129, TN 2009 © jwl

Yesterday's drive took  me down a road that I had been on before. That's not entirely uncommon, I've repeated a great deal of asphalt to make photographs. The road in question was a surprise, however. I had been there while my good friend Chad Pelton was at the wheel on a fishing trip. I found this colorful building on that trip back in 2009. The building is still there, but the spirit of this photograph has fallen away. I wonder what the significance of that is in general. Do you steal the spirit on the initial photo? I doubt that, otherwise I wouldn't love Wm. Christenberry as much as I do!!

Yesterday was a longer and more inentional journey around the South end of the Smoky Mtns. I am looking forward to getting the film back on this and the most several Saturday Drives...


So Many Stars In The Sky

Starlight Bar, HWY 25W, TN 2014 © jwl

I wandered this gravel lot for a few minutes making photographs. Even after making five or six different images, I knew that I would only really want one to define this space for an audience.

My first inclination is to hit it head on, formal, horizontal stripes in a tense square (see below). That's how my brain processes the image, at first... Then I consider the work in a larger, less abstract context. I try and think from the viewer's point of reference. 'What are we looking at?' After these considerations, I broaden my array of images. I don't take too many, you see, I don't want the burden of getting back to the editing room and having to choose from so many images that I can't decide any more.

Starlight Bar (window), WHY 25W, TN 2014 © jwl

Between the cost of processing & the scarcity of the film I prefer, I need to make choices in the field and decide what direction to take. I am quite conservative with my photography. A digital camera is helpful as a 'getting to know you' tool to get a sense of the space. Making sketches here and there before the film gets burned. However, digital can also murk up my creative waters when I get back to my desk and have way too many images to sift through.

That sifting trouble, along with the organic feeling of working with film cameras, is part of why I've decided to only shoot film this year on my Saturday Drives.

So, now I'm down to staring at these two photographs. In my mind, they are 2 images of the same value. The difference is that they are currency of distant origins. Depending on the context of the images around them, be it in a book or a show with other photographs, then their true value can be enhanced. So I am going to keep them both in my wallet until it's time to use them.


How I See It...

Abandoned Building, HWY 90, MS 2014 © jwl

My girl Kim spotted this beauty from the co-pilot position on our way back from New Orleans. She has a keen eye. I load a lot of that trip and being with her into how I feel about this image. I see this photo and I immediately think of Kim, then I remember our trip and toward the end I look at the beauty in the color and the light and I wonder what this structure was before it was art.

What do you see?


We All Scream!!

 Hand Painted Sign, HWY 321, NC 2014 © jwl

Today the weather has put East Tennessee down in the Teen Temps. I know that a lot of the country gets colder than that for longer than a few days. Now that I have been reacclimated to the Southern Weather, I hate the cold even more than ever.

What better time to think of warmer times, ice cream & art made from art!

Cone, HWY 13, WI 2009 © jwl

What I mean is that I love Hand Painted Signs. When someone needs to advertise or convey a message to a lot of people in a very simple way, paint a picture. Painting & Drawing have been a part of human existence before we wrote words, why stop now? I feel an obligation to use my creative communication tool to document other attempts at communication, especially when they are on the edge of Simple & Beautiful.