New Landscape Views

Abandoned Gas Station, Highway 421 Virginia 2006

Antique Landscape, St. Louis , Missouri 2006

Since admitting that I consider myself a landscape photographer, I had to then consider what constituted a landscape. More and more I feel that the theme can vary from person to person. More often than not there will be the sunset or Ansel Adams reference from people with whom I am discussing my work. But I feel that there are so many more avenues to explore when looking at the subject of the landscape.

Using the landscape as a social platform is one way. Not looking into the political social ideal, but considering the landscape and it's use by people and occasionally referring to these users is a technique that I am beginning to explore. What I mean to say is that I like to suggest the evidence of people in my work without actually seeing them.

Other ideas I like to involve in the photograph are history, technology, and of course nature.

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