Invitation Accepted

Troy Freund, Street, NYC

I spent some time last Saturday looking at some work and discussing the upcoming Photo Invitational with Troy Freund. He brought boxes, BOXES of images to sift through and I loved them. I never pass an opportunity to look at someone's work. After looking through it and seeing where he felt most excited, we decided to use some recent panoramic images for the show. Along with Troy, I am also excited to see how they will play along with the two other invited artists, Justin Burks and Scott Johnson.

I chose the three of them specifically when thinking of what to to for the Invitational in 2008. Justin was slated to be in the Photo Invitational 2007 show, but complications excluded him and we rescheduled. Using him as an anchor I decided to look at other photographers whose personal vision and drive seemed to fill their work despite the subject. Albeit, I did decide to reign them in a bit and concentrate on the people aspect of their work. Troy is a hard working photographer and I thought it would be nice to give him something other than editorial and wedding work to think about. In a way I think that it will be an opportunity to show work that he may not have otherwise shown. Scott Johnson is a similar case, the man is BUSY, so I decided to throw him one more bone to chew on and maybe let some of those creative juices flow for all of us. I know there are thousands of photographs around that man, so don't we deserve to see them? Nonetheless, 2008 will kick off with a bang with the Photo Invitational.

One of the key reasons I opened a gallery in the first place was to look at work and provide a place for people to see art, show art, and learn about art. Whether you are an artist or just wanting to talk about things feel free to come by. As I said, I will never turn anyone away when it comes to looking work. I can't promise that everyone will have a show when they leave, but we will definitely get to talking about the work. I suppose I am writing this here to take away some of the anxiety around showing your work to an artist or a gallery owner. I invite you to set up an appointment and become part of the community.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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