Then & Now

Messenger, Chicago, Illinois 1997

While looking through Troy Freund's work, discussing his future show, I stumbled upon a photograph of a bicyclist which reminded me of some old work that I had done. I later set out to find the negative and did a quick scan of the image. This Bike Messenger was shot while I was on an Architetctural Study trip from the University of Tennessee. Then, aspiring to be an architect, I used the camera as a sketching tool more often than a pencil. This was dismissed and frowned upon by my professors, but as we can now see I persisted. Eventually I quit Architecture as a persuit and went full steam into Photography. That was ten years ago.

This image reminds me of so many things, so many that it seems unreal. I look at my work now and see the last six years of driving and thinking about the highway and the forms there, the work is nowhere near where I started. I believe, fully, that this is a testament to how we change and evolve over time as we find ourselves and our place in the world. I wonder if I might dig deeper and have a "10 Years Later" show.

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