Chris Miller Editions

Chris Miller, Canal, 2007
Chris Miller, Studio, 2007

Working closely with artists is always such a pleasure for me. Whether I am putting a show together or just talking new work and process, I love hanging out and being a part of art and the community it fosters.

As the first in what I hope will be many projects to come, I got to work on two giclee editions for Milwaukee painter, Chris Miller. Many of you probably know Chris and his work, others may have seen his work for the first time here at the gallery. For those who have always wanted a Miller painting in their homes but couldn't quite afford it (or someone else bought it), there are now going to be some very affordable editions of Chris' paintings available.

I want to thank Chris for the opportunity to work with him on this project and invite anyone interested to contact us here at the gallery for more details about these soon to be out-of-print editions.

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