I heart NY

Pink Sky, NYC, 2007 © jw lawson

I am spending the weekend visiting friends in NY and seeing the city. This place is the center of the universe, truly amazing. While here I am trying to be a little more free about image making. What I mean is that I am trying to be less calculated in my ways. I need to be bit more playful with my cameras sometimes.

As I walked up the stairs out of the subway this scene struck me. I had been underground for a few minutes and as I rose onto Houston I was taken with the color of the sky. I couldn't resist shooting this.


Anonymous said...

be sure to come back with a full update for all of us... Silverstein Photography on 24th street has a show i would love to see: André Kertész: The Polaroids, they are beautiful on their website....

Jack said...

Nice image ... interested to see what else you bring back. Above all, your comment about being more playful with your cameras is spot on ... it doesn't hurt to allow the heart to trip the shutter once in a while!