Party Pictures

Untitled, NY 2007 © jwl

Socket, Milwaukee 2007 © jwl

Lamp, NY 2007 © jwl

Artphone, Milwaukee 2007 © jwl

I have been going to a lot of parties lately. Recently I have been wielding a camera at several social functions. In the spirit of sharing new and more playful photographs I thought I'd share some new work. These four images are essentially moments that I took to think about the rooms around me. I created these photographs very whimsically. I literally made the images the moment that I took notice of the color, composition or the shape of the world around me.

For most photographers this is a no brainer. That's how it works; you see it, then you shoot it. For me it is actually a bit harder to connect with this idea. I have a way of producng photographs that causes me to over think or discount what I see and I shoot very conservatively. Because of this habit and the thought of hundreds of lost photographs, I am making a special effort to take the picture anyway and think them through later in the day/week/year.

SO when you see me at a party with a camera, this may give you an idea about what I am doing. OR if you see me staring thoughtfully, these is the kind of thoughts I am having.

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