People and Place

Church, Highway 347, Tennessee 2007 © jwl

I have spent the last couple of days following Highway 347 in East Tennessee. Not that it is long enough to take 2 days to drive, but with the short days I seem to be chasing the light in the early afternoon. 347 runs between Kingsport and Rogersville with a good number of twists and turns to allow you to appreciate the landscape.

Something that I have been looking at on this trip is the way that lives are built into these hills and the feeling that the land is embracing you. I took some time to look at this church and the graveyard built into the side of the hill across the highway. Behind the church is a creek that divides the calming space of the church from the steep mountain behind. This is a very special relationship between the land, the people and their built environment that I hope to express in photographs.

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