My Little World

Axtell Baptist Church © Keith Dotson

For those who don't know, I am a bit of a rogue fellow when it comes to my photography and art in general. I love it, I adore it, I try and live up to it and make it proud, but I don't reach out and talk about it very much. In fact I keep to myself pretty well on this front. I know that this is not a unique situation for artists, there is value to the solitude we share, but at times we need a community and a group to share with.

The gallery is a handy tool for me in the way that it brings artists, art lovers and art to my door. Without the gallery (and it's online presence) I would probably still be a alone in a small art world of my own.

I was approached recently via email about my origins in Tennessee by a photographer who also has a Tennessee connection. Emails were exchanged and a connection was made. This week I was browsing the photographers website and expressed my desire to own one of his photographs (see above). The wheels went into motion and an agreement was struck. Soon I will own a print of the photograph.

The reason I tell this here is that I am a firm believer in the power of the small pond. By embracing the people closest to us as well as those around us we can create communities of various connectivity and make our little worlds a little bit better. If we become more active in this practice throughout our lives, we will be richer and happier for it.

Thanks to Keith for the photograph and the opportunity to expand my life through art and friendship.

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Keith said...

Through a series of circumstances surrounding a divorce, I used to commute a fair distance across central Texas to see my kids. I bet I passed this spot a dozen times before I stopped to take this shot. Each time, I made a mental note to stop on the next trip. I liked the way the homemade sign seemed to act as a focal point within the broad expanse of landscape and blackland prairie. It's located northeast of Waco on the highway to Corsicana. On this day in spring, the grass was full of color and the sky was beautiful, so I made the picture. I'm glad because within a few months, the sign had been knocked down, and somehow the area seemed less interesting.