Trying New Things

I am in Chicago for a couple of days. I brought along some cameras and an experimental attitude. This will sound like a no brainer, but I am spending time with just the camera and some high speed film. I am letting the camera meter determine exposure and I am simply pointing the camera where they need to go.

Reading over this and writing it makes me feel like a jerk, as though I would never let myself shoot so freely. Well, I usually don't. I have a way of working that I am really happy with and I feel that the results do me well. I just want to step out of MY box and start from somewhere else. Funny thing though, by planning the film speed and the no-meter attitude I am still kinda in MY box.

There is just a control group to how I make my photographs that is inherent with how I see the math and the science of photography. This way of working and, more importantly, this way of working out process questions is probably why I didn't choose to paint. My brain is just a little too structured for it.

So much for the confessional, I just wanted to let people know that I am working on some new things with a new way of finding them. Hopefully there will be something to look forward to.

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Kimberly zsebe said...

"didnt chose to paint" interesting comment. What is relationship between painting and photography? To me, painting is the digested view. Taken in, processed, and thrown back out. What is photography? Its cleaner isnt it. An autopsy vs a murder? I'm not sure. Your view point is there, the paths of your thoughts are there but the energy your body releases is much less direct. and I wonder what would you paint...