Can You See Me?

I was just sent an email from a friend describing my inability to blog well. So I thought I would go full on and blog raw. This is a photo of my bookshelf in my office. It is packed with things. I am going to describe these things and maybe you will get a clue about my mind right now.

Up on top are a couple of books that I have here in the office to read once in a while, during lunch or whenever.

Under those books is a pile of CoPA exhibition catalogs from last year, I was using them to send to possible jurors for this years show when I was Exhibitions Co Chair. I am no longer in that position, I should give the remaining books back.

Those black books are my journals, I buy a new one every year and start a new one every 18 months, sometimes less.

Various catalogue from shows that I have had work in, Nikon handbooks (probably outdated, but fun), A hardbound journal that a girl bought me 14 years ago that I haven't written in too much. I wonder how she is.

There's also a Dobyns-Bennett Student Directory that I bought, don't ask me why. Oh Yeah, DB was my high school in Tennessee. I see a box of stuff that I am saving for Bobby Spillman, whenever I see him again.

There are a few years worth of Photographer's Markets from the last couple years, sometimes I think I should try harder and be a "pro". There is also an ArtChicago 2004 catalogue up there, its good for gallery names etc.

I will be quick about the lower shelf, Robert Adams, Art & Fear, JB Jackson, Berger's Ways of Seeing, Joel Garreau, Bresson, Walker Evans biography, box of 8x10 sample prints for those galleries I talked about, Geography of Nowhere (awesome), a Lewis Mumford book that I adore, Writings about photography by photographers, badass skull votive candle, Terry Evans catalogue from the Field Museum (I love it), my favorite little clock that lost it's click, did I mention JB Jackson? He's the man.

Dead center you will find a Kodak Guide to 35mm Photography, I found that on the school bus in 7th grade. I took my mom's camera and the seed was sewn.

If nothing else, looking this hard and trying to describe it helps me see myself a little. Maybe you see me too.

To the left is a Tennessee flag to remind me and anyone else.

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