Time Away | Money Well Spent

I spent the last couple of days in Chicago in order to see some friends and get some busy work done without distraction. My man, Chad Pelton, was in the city for a conference and I thought I would take him to some spots and feel the city for myself. He and I had a lot of good conversation along with a few beers at a few places.

Some shows of note would be the Building Pictures exhibition at MOCP. Definitely a must see. Lots of LARGE photographs and very thoughtful ideas about contemporary image making and architecture. We also took some time to see Carrie Secrist and the rest on Washington. I was especially taken with Claire Sherman's Brink paintings @ Kavi Gupta Gallery and Jay Davis @ Bucket Rider.

I also got to spend some time doing the tedious work of researching galleries and museums that may or may not want to have a little lawson on the walls. We will see how much it will pay off, but so far so good. Looks like there are a couple of places interesting in talking so far.

Last but not least, I was happy to get to hang out with my friend AJ. We spent Friday night prowling around a few beer haunts and did some plotting around the future takeover. Be ready for a bit of revolution soon.

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