Getting to Work

It's been a minute, so I thought I'd try and share what's been happening with my work and otherwise.

WORK For 2008, I have abandoned all thought of traveling to make photographs. I usually make a trip or two every year (in the last two years they have been Memphis and East Tennessee), but this year I am going to stay home and work on the images I have collected. Every time I gather new fodder, I get so excited by the new work that I leave a few behind. So far, that leaves a lot of little babies unattended. I wanna dig in and get cracking on those hatchlings this year.

PACKETS I have been rigorously sending work out to galleries and museums (if you are reading this from said museums, thanks for your time). I have also been getting a lot of that work returned with no good news. I appreciate the words they send me, but I am getting rhino-skin with all the 'thanks, but no' letters. Not that I expected otherwise, but the ego is fragile.

THE BOOK Many of you have been put on the pre-order list for the book and I promise it will be worth the wait. There have been some delays in production. Mostly the scope of the project has reached a place where I have 5 people either working or waiting to work, not to mention my ever increased tweaking of the thing. I promise, it will be good. If anyone else would like to pre-order, send me an email and I will put you on the list.

SHOWS Tomorrow I am going to frame and pack the work for the show in NY. I am hoping to get to the show, but I will miss the opening because I am shooting wedding that weekend. Anyone reading this in NYC, see the entry a few down from this and go to the show. My photos need your eyes to survive. The show at LULU is getting a good response. If you can get there before August to have a look, let me know what you think. Looks like if things work out, I may be putting some work in Knoxville, TN within the year. T. Michael Martin at The Basement Gallery gave me an enthusiastic response. I look forward to working with him.

GALLERY You may or may not know, I have decided to streamline the shows at the gallery to coincide with Gallery Night here in Milwaukee. What that means is that I will be having 4 shows a year rather than 7. It also means that I am booked until 2010 (YIKES). I am always looking at work, so don't hesitate to send submissions. Who knows, I might break my own new rules and put you on the wall sooner than you think. For the most part, the limited schedule is a way for me to get more work done for myself. We will see what happens next.

That's about it. Get with me if you want a book or if you wanna get my work on your walls.

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