Breaking Up | Breaking Down

Many of you may know, some of you may not, but I have closed the gallery on Delaware Ave. It wasn't a failure financially and it wasn't a disappointment functionally or as an artistic venture. In fact, I feel that I had a very successful run and am looking forward to the next move.

The reason I am closing is that as an independent art venue in Milwaukee some of Mike Brenner's bullshit whining about the state of art in Milwaukee might be pointed my way, and I just won't be able to take it. I have worked way too hard to provide something for the art lovers and artists in Milwaukee for his accusations about my funding and management to jeopardize my self esteem. I am kidding, I am NOT closing due to anything Mike says or thinks or says without thinking.

The reason for the change is that I simply am moving my studio. For those who don't know, my studio was located in the back of my gallery. In fact, the reason the gallery opened in the first place was because I had the space. My new studio is much more fun and spacious and I look forward to working and playing in the new location, known affectionately as the WAR ROOM.

Something that has started to happen in the last couple of weeks of packing, moving, unloading, patching, sanding, painting, building and walking up stairs is that I have become to feel a little sad. Breaking up is hard to do. My time spent taking apart something I worked so hard to build is a very odd experience. I have fondness for the past, questions about the future and wonderment about what it will all lead to.

Look forward to what I have to offer. I promise you that if you had fun at any of my gallery events, you will be taken with what I am planning for '09. Stay tuned.....