Far East | Far Out

We have been traveling for the better part of the week. Right now I am in Old Weathersfield CT to attend a wedding. We have been here for a couple of days and I feel VERY relaxed and a bit out of touch. This little berg was founded in 1634 and still has much of the original architecture, lived in and intact. We are staying at a bed and breakfast and the word 'quaint' keeps coming up.

It has been raining constantly, so the idea of making photographs seems like a chore.

On the way here we made our way through Cleveland OH, Erie PA, Buffalo & Niagra Falls NY and we traversed a 2 lane through 80% of NY state. We saw the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Niagra Falls, beautiful scenery & had the best apples we have ever tasted. All in all, pretty awesome trip. On the way back we are gonna see some PA and Pittsburgh.

I made a couple of new photographs along the way and have been working on them today. I will post those upon my return.

I think that the best part of the trip has been the lack of expectation as far as what we would see and the utter happiness with what we have found. Truly a vacation. When I get back I feel like I will be recharged and ready to tackle a lot of work on my desk.

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