Wisconsin Re-realized

Yesterday I was invited to go on a ride to Madison with my friend and mechanic, Tim. Due to the great weather so late in the year, I said YES! I am terribly happy that I went. Not entirely due to the irreplaceable motorcycle good-times, but because of the things we saw and found along the way. With most of my travel focused on the Southeast, I often forget how fun and pretty Wisconsin can be shortly to the West. There are a great many unique and wonderful things that happen in this state as long as you have the aptitude to accept and embrace them. On our journey, we found a few...

Farmers & Merchants Union Bank, Louis Sullivan 1919

After a wrong turn somewhere on Hwy 16, we ended up in Columbus WI. As we made our way through the fun little downtown, I looked to my right and found a gem of American architecture. While studying at UT I fell in love with Louis Sullivan in all forms, especially the banks. Lo and behold, in Columbus stands the last bank built by LS. I almost wrecked the bike trying to stop. We took a tour and this place is really cool, even the water fountain (bubbler) is ornate. I suggest making the trip to celebrate this monument.

Maze Maze, Highway 60, Wisconsin 2008 ©jwl

We also stopped to have a look at a true WI phenomenon. This corn maze is f'n huge! Next fall I am going back and wandering through the thing. Every year they make a new maze with a different ornate pattern. No GPS, no Aliens, just a man and a tractor!

Flag & Limo, Highway B, Wisconsin 2008 © jwl

As the sun was setting and we made our way back, I got to make some art of my own. I usually don't go for the sunset shots, but when you got the pride of America and a flaming hot limo I cannot resist. All in all, I am happy that I took the day for myself and enjoyed Wisconsin.

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