Men In Suits

So I get a phone call telling me to check out the CUE section in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, then I get the paper handed to me and HELLO, there I am. Weird in a way, but I am not surprised. I sat in a portrait for Nicholas Grider back in 2005 and always wondered when he was gonna use them.

Since Nicholas has gotten back in town, most of the local artists have been cowering in fear. Nick is a man with an incredible drive for output. To be honest, I am shocked he doesn't have 3 shows opening this weekend.

His portraits of Men In Suits opened last night @ the Portrait Society (207 Buffalo, Milwaukee) and if you missed the CUE you can see it here. Despite what Mary Louise says in the article, I am still open for business. I simply moved. I will repeat (I hope Mary Louise hears me) jw lawson FINE ART is still open!!!

Stop in and say Hi.

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