Walking Pictures #11 - 13

Untitled, Milwaukee WI 2009 © jwl

Truck, Milwaukee WI 2009 © jwl

Goose, Milwaukee WI 2009 © jwl

So, yesterday I got a package in the mail that contained a new camera. I've been looking for something to free me up a bit. I found a good tool for the job, a pocket sized 13MP RAW file machine. The new camera and the mind-boggling 50 degree WI day allowed me to go outside and play.

I spent a ouple of hours walking and a couple of more hours dealing with the images, but today has been a fun day.

The small camera and the detail of the files is giving me reason to feel a bit nervous. It seems that my way of working as well as my way of thinking about photography is beginning to fold with the digital revolution. Traditionally I am a film advocate, but with the 3 extra steps in processing as well as the loss of my Milwaukee lab, I am beginning to change my tone. I may never get rid of my camera, but I am feeling like a bad daddy due to neglect.

Whatever the case, having the ability to see and think about art from my pocket feels really good.

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