Gallery Talk @ MIAD | Books On The Way

Installation view of Southeastern View @ the MIAD Perspectives Gallery

I had the pleasure, sort of, of giving a gallery talk @ MIAD yesterday. I say 'sort of' because I get a bit nervous when it comes to speaking in groups. That aside, it was a wonderful time. Students and members of the faculty came by for an informal quid pro quo about my Southeastern View work on view @ their Perspectives Gallery. I would like to thank Sonja, Larry, Robert, Aryn, John and everyone else who came out for the talk. I had a wonderful day.

When I returned to the studio, I found the proof of my Southeastern View book. Unfortunately I didn't get it in time to pass around the talk. Whatever the case. I ordered the first printing batch of the book today. Gimme a holler if you would like to lay your hands on one.

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