Quick Run At South Carolina

Yes, Myrtle Beach SC 2009 © jwl

I spent Monday (and night) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I had been wanting to be in the ocean for a year or more so I made a run for it and dove straight in. I spent some time on a walk and found a couple of good images. For the most part I just hit the ocean, took a nap, had a steak and had some beers at the Bowery.

Yesterday I made my way to Charleston for a long walk downtown and had a bite to eat. After lunch I decided to take a drive through the state and find some art.

Abandoned Garage (lights), Highway 17 SC 2009 © jwl

Abandoned Garage, Highway 17 SC 2009 © jwl

I found this garage between Myrtle Beach and Charleston. I think that if I hadn't had it in my mind to head North later, I would have liked to have worked on HWY 17 more. There are a lot of little niches and roadside sellers along these roads that can make for good art.

Eat, Highway 321 SC 2009 © jwl

After a long afternoon making my way through the state, I finally headed North toward NC. I found this along the way along with a couple of other spots.

I kinda wish I would have stayed at the beach longer. After all the longing to see the salt water, I left with a bit of haste. I am kinda thinking that before I head back to WI I might go see the ocean again next week. It's frivolous, but a great deal of fun, not to mention the perfect way to define a vacation!

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