Game Day and All the Rest

PSA 8 (yee-haw press window), Knoxville TN 2009 © jwl

I appropriated this from the Yee Haw Press window on gameday. UT beat W.KY 63-7. Kiffin did well for the first game, I can only hope that he keeps the momentum. I still wish Fulmer was at the helm.

I am back in Milwaukee and have been since Sunday. I would have given some posts since, but I jumped right back into work and haven't had a chance. I would like to take a minute to thank everyone and everything that made my sojourn as awesome as it was.

Bristol Motor Speedway and all that is Raceday
All the fish caught and unseen
My wonderful mountains, I miss you everyday
Sassy Ann's and the ridiculous 80's party
The Black Crowes
The Almighty Vols, even Kiffin
Country Ham, Gravy, Biscuits and Sweet Tea
The Pride of the Southland Band
The Bowery and $2.50 Bud Light
BBQ in the Old City
Jimmy Crack and how much he doesn't care
My Midwest peeps at the Green Eye in Chicago for the 'welcome home'

I can't thank Chad Pelton, Matt Hall (& Chris), Wesley Lifford (& Lauren and the kids), My ever loving Mother, Bobby Brooks as well as the Lawson Clan enough for making the trip better than I thought it would be.

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theliffords said...

Hey JW, was great to see you while you were in TN, has been way too long. Maybe next time we can get all three amigos together :)