Blindsided By Process

Rocket #2, HWY 41 WI 2005 © jwl

I decided to try and clean up my harddrive today, an almost futile gesture since I immediately got distraced with images and files I had forgotten about. This image being the first.

I took this image almost 5 years ago and I have never printed it or shown it to anyone. After my show this weekend which consisted of 50 prints taken in 2009, I feel like I have a lot of images to spare. I know that the photography is 80% or more editing, but I think that I might be a bit too scrutinizing with how much I edit out.

Honestly, I love this image of the Rocket and I have no idea why it has never seen the light. I dread it, but I also look forward to finding out what all I have hidden in the drive. Maybe I should go digging through the old negatives as well.

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