Don't Be Afraid...GHOSTS

You may or may not have heard me talking lately about wanting to work on some new things. Well, here we go. After putting work into the Entropy installation in Memphis last year, I felt good about working with new materials and getting my hands dirty making art. I also felt like working with photography in a new (to me) way.

I decided to browse through the last 10 years of negatives and image files to find fodder for this new project. I'd like to say they are drawings, but that isn't quite it. They aren't quite editioned as prints yet. I guess I will just settle for calling them works on paper.

I only have these three finished as such. I am working pretty fast on them, so there should be many more to come. I am looking forward to getting a lot of these done and making some handmade portfolios and large scale prints of these for exhibition. For now, I will literally get back to the drawing board.


kzsebe said...

what is going on in these? are you drawing digital or analogue?

jwl said...

digital file/pigment print/ink drafting & rendering