New Ideas in Landscape

Trailer, Washington DC 2010 © jwl

Bamboo, Milwaukee WI 2010 © jwl

Interior Landscape, Milwaukee WI 2010 © jwl

Looking over some images in the last few weeks I have noticed some things I have been looking at in regards to the landscape and/or the built environment. I have been very attracted to the potted plants in office buildings, built environments at museums and public institutions and other such idealistic arrangements of plant life as decor in our midst.

I have always looked closely at man made and painted landscapes along the roadside or on my walks, but recently I have been looking at the details of the plant life (real or fake) and the interplay of light within a constructed space.

It is hard to say if I am breaking new ground with these, but I can't help and see a pattern. Patterns, to me, are the bread and butter of a body of work. Seeing the patterns within a collection of photographs is how I see what we am (admittedly unconsciously) seeing in the world around me.

These types of images, placed beside my recent Entropy ideas make me look at the built environment in very interesting ways.

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