Living With Yesterday

Abandoned Grocery Store, HWY 11W TN 2010 © jwl

This time around I have taken it upon myself to pay closer attention to the bits of the vernacular that truly make East Tennessee a unique landscape, rather than seeking out quirky bits that make it seem interesting. There are buldings like this, left behind from 2 and sometimes 3 generations, all over the place. Either left for a sense of nostalgia or even for the fact that no one cares to tear them down. Whatever the reason, daily life for the farmers and everyone else continues to progress. This is an aspect of the South that has always made me love where I am from. We live with our history and our ghosts everyday. There are a lot of ghosts in these foothills.


Jeffrey G Photography said...

Where is this on 11w?

jwl said...

It's East of Rutledge and West of Bean Station. I travel that strip a lot and it all blends together, so my exactness is hazy.