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Chad, Knoxville TN 2011 © jwl

I took a quick trip down to Knoxville last week to take care of a few things and hang out with some friends. I was only there for a two days, but I tried to make some art while I was there.

Scout, Knoxville TN 2011 © jwl

It was kinda nice to really push and look for images with such a short timeline. Usually, I spend a good amount of time, working slowly and searching for images. These photographs are, in my mind, a bit more immediate and to the point.

Tools, Knoxville TN 2011 © jwl

Exit, Knoxville TN 2011 © jwl

I was also glad to have the old trusty Mamiya on my shoulder to help me make the photographs. It has been a while since I brought out the big gun and shot film. I spent most of today scanning and working the color on these babies. If I say so myself, it was time well spent.

Cloud, Knoxville TN 2011 © jwl

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