Northdown Cafe & Taproom | CHI

Tinman, HWY 13 WI 2009 © jwl

So....Northdown Cafe & Taproom is now open in Chicago. It is pretty awesome. I haven't quite tasted the food, but due to the reputation of Comet Cafe and Honeypie Cafe in Milwaukee, I am sure it will be amazing. I've only been back in Tennessee for a week and I am already missing their food.

I am lucky enough to have been commissioned to supply the artwork for Northdown and I must say, they look awesome. My prints were encased in custom built and stained frames by AJ Dusek. The work looks so good that I wish he could frame all my future shows.

You can see images of the cafe as well as my work here. If you click the little arrow in the bottom right of the image, there is a slideshow!

Northdown Cafe & Taproom
3244 N. Lincoln


Kiki said...

Very neat!!!

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