I Swear I'm Working

 Alley Way, Knoxville TN 2012 © jwl

I got this pretty baby on a walk to work a couple of weeks ago. Since moving back to Knoxville last year, I have tried to re-relate to my old stomping grounds by taking walks and making photographs. Much like the work I did in my neighborhood in Milwaukee for the WALKING PICTURES book, these images are intimate and delicate and very telling of where I am and what I am looking at.

Knoxville has a great many little alleys like this one, filled with a variety of outbuildings, garages and sheds. I am considering a small run book of these structures in the near future.

Chair & Blocks, Myrtle Beach SC 2012 © jwl

I took a quick weekend trip to the beach last weekend for some fun & sun. It never fails, I will always find a chair somewhere! I grabbed this one after taking a wrong turn in search of a skatepark. It goes to show that you can find some sort of art in the damnedest places.

I wonder, who's throne is this and who are his or her minions?

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