Momma's Boy

 Arrow / Mower, Blountville TN 2012 © jwl

Over the last decade (gulp) of working on the Southeastern View book, as well as any work before and since, which required me to drive the back roads of East TN, Southwest VA & Northwest NC, I can blame a lot of those miles on my Mother. You see, Mom has maintained a house in rural NC and TN much of the past 15 years. While living in WI, I traveled to see her regularly and also used those family visits to generate volumes of photographs. That's mainly how the Southeastern View work came about.

 Abandoned House, HWY 88 NC 2011 © jwl

Some of the reason I relocated back to Knoxville from WI was to be closer to my Mother a well as my muse in these back roads, foothills & mountains. Living back in the Southeast gives me many opportunities to make photographs of all the things that I have fallen in love with in the last few years. I also am lucky enough to be able to visit my Mother and get back home within a day. A drive that once took 15 hours is now a mere 3.

Jesus Saves, HWY 88 NC 2011 © jwl

Even though I have been much less active in posting or showing new photographs in the last couple of years, I have been looking and capturing images. Like a match hitting gas, I have been feverishly digging into the treasure of the last couple years and discovering a great many wonderful new photographs. Here are a few of the new crop, specifically taken as I drove to visit my beloved Mother.


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