Mining The Past #1

Art, Wisconsin Dells WI 2000 ©jwl

I recently decided to start from way back and re-look at ALL my negatives one sheet at a time. Even though I have some older negs, I felt that beginning with the 1999-2000 box would be fine. The idea is that between the time I took these photographs and now I have changed in a lot of ways as to what I find interesting in photography. I have also changed a great deal in why I find certain things interesting. So, to go back to the beginning and look at what I was looking at then with today's eyes may unearth a few gems that I overlooked.

It's true. I have found a lot of great (in my mind) images, that I overlooked or didn't fully connect with originally. These new pieces also coincide with my new habit of carrying a pocket 35mm camera again rather than my pocket digital. It may sound strange, but to me there is a tangible difference to the way I look at things with each format. It's not greatly different, but the differences are there.

Here's the first of the new batch. Enjoy.

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