Saturdays Don't Need Be Lonely

 © Eli Johnson Photography

A couple of weeks back I took, my Buddy & fellow Photographer, Eli Johnson with me on my Saturday drive. He hadn't really ventured into my East Tennessee web of highways so I thought I'd show him a few things. I was even able to take him to my beloved Kudzu House.

Even though We traveled on some familiar roads (from my point of view) Eli's eye and mind helped me see things a little differently this time.

He's quite a talent and I look forward to meandering with him again. He posted some photographs on his blog.

© Eli Johnson Photography

We talked about this at great length on our drive, Eli is better at incorporating the human form in his work. Here is an image of me making a photograph. Since he was digital and I was film, we will have to wait a little longer to see what I made on our trip.

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