What I've been up to...

Red Barn, Carter's Valley, Tennessee 2006 © jw lawson

I don't blog enough. That's a fact. I guess at times I don't blog so that the last blog (usually gallery announcements) can be seen as bulletin items. Blogs for me seem to be updates as to what I have been doing or what's going on here at the gallery.

I am learning to use the blog as a tool for communicating things. How I feel about my work, photography, art, cars, whatever. I am careful to not throw everything on the table so that I don't just bore the pants off everyone. I suppose at times that is the point, inform people.

So what I have been up to is working with some of the newer images from my Southeastern View porfolio to get them ready for my upcoming show in March 2008. The image above is the newest of the new. The fomat is something that I have been toying with and I think that there is a real future for this in my work. I like the length and the depth of these new pano-style images. I hope you agree, there is something pretty great about the landscape and it never hurts to embellish it.

I have also sent out some work to galleries outside of my usual circle, NYC and SFCA in particular, hoping to get my work on some walls in the big show. The printer has been running a lot lately as well so the investment was well worth the my doing. If you need a print, gimme a call.

I think that is about all the updating I feel comfortable with, I hope you don't mind if I go rogue again for a few days.

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