Public Speaking

Abandoned Trailer (detail), Highway 16, Virginia 2004 © jwl

I will be presenting work to a photography class at UW-Milwaukee tomorrow morning. The class is beginning their final projects for the semester and I was asked to speak with them about ongoing cohesive projects. The best work that I could consider showing them is my Southeastern View work. This body of work grows and grows, but I feel more attached to it as it blossoms.

In my way, I have been documenting the region of my birth in East Tennessee since 2001. Much of the early photographs deal with my travel toward the region from WI as well as my explorations while there. As time passes, I feel more interested in the actual towns and roads within that region more so than the traversing to reach it.

I hope that I can provide some insight to the students tomorrow. For anyone who wishes to see the Southeastern View work, I will be showing it at the gallery in March 2008.

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