Something New From The South

Tree & Truck, Scott County, Virginia 2007 ©jwl

Here is the newest image that I have been looking at. I was pondering a few images last week and decided to spend some time with this one. I made this image while I was at my grandmother's house for her wake.

As a kid, I used to play in the center of tis tree. As the tree has gotten older it has sacrificed the lower branches for the upper growth. It doesn't have quite the cavernous hiding places anymore. The truck belongs to my uncle.

Looking deeper into this image, I would place it in that category of my work getting more and more personal. The longer I work on the Southeastern View portfolio, the deeper I look within myself and my personal history for the photographic fodder. I am also leaving much of the academic idealism behind in the process. Whether or not the images are becoming more successful is still a question for me, but I am feeling more akin to them as I work.

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cmp said...

This makes me miss my Scout. I loved that truck...they will run forever, or as long as the fenderwells last. Oh, and...nice shot.