Christine Brandt | Gallery Night

The Dead Shall Seize The Living: new work by Christine Brandt
on view through August 30, 2008

Come by and see the new show this GALLERY NIGHT for some ice cold PBR and some of Comet CafĂ©’s wonderful pie and coffee. We look forward to you stopping by.

Our walls are filled with the work of Christine Brandt. The Los Angeles printmaker gives us a glimpse into a world of art & horror with The Dead Shall Seize The Living. This collection of prints, artist books and collage deal with the roles of women, Craft, Marxism and how they all relate to modern horror films. Of course, nothing is as simple as it sounds. The work deals with the many layers of sexuality, gender and society as a whole neatly wrapped up into some good art. Mark your calendars to swing by the gallery for this exciting show.

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