I have had a few conversations lately about being a working artist. In some form or another we all have to do one job or another to feed the art-making beast. The lucky ones find a balance of commissions or teaching or some other field directly related to the art they pursue. Others of us tend to find work not related to our fields of passion. One way or another, we survive and get the work done, the bills paid and the art made. I have decided to make a list of every job I have ever had in the hope to find some pattern there.

Sandwich delivery, Soil sample cleaning and filing clerk, Ham preparer, Ham glazer, BBQ/Ice Cream scooper, Golf Caddy, Land surveyor, Radio DJ, Barrista/Server, Pizza delivery driver, Cook, Dishwasher, Music Director, Program Director, CD/Record sales, Camera sales, Book sales, More camera sales, Museum Admissions, Administrative Assistant, Curatorial Assistant, Bartender, Gallery Director, Print Production, Graphic Designer and (Oh Yeah) Photographer.

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Sheree Rensel said...

OMG!!! I have never thought of making an actual list of all the jobs I have had over my artist lifetime. I can remember some of the weirdest ones. I had to dress up as "Dorothy" of the Wizard of Oz and pass out brochures. (I look terrible in brunette braids!!) One job, I had was to walk around in a Gecko costume to promote a Science Center. I don't know which was worse: the kids kicking and punching me or the fact the costume was made for someone a foot taller than me. To move the arms of the Gecko, I had to walk around for hours with my arms up in the air!
The most bizarre job I had was "Artist on the Street". A local art center wanted a mural called "Portrait of our City". Every day, I would pack my truck with 12" X 12" squares of masonite and paint. I would then be assigned a street corner at various locations in the city. I would stand there all day and ask people to paint their OWN self portrait. Oh jeeezzzzzzzzzz!! That was a trip! LOL LOL LOL