I don't know what kept me from mentioning this last week, but I have a photograph on the cover of a new book. The Knoxville Writer's Guild commissioned me to provide cover art for their latest collection of work. Outscape: Writing on Fences and Frontiers came out a couple of weeks ago and it is a real treat. I am quite honored to have been a part of it.

I lived in Knoxville, TN for 5 years prior to my Wisconsin sentence and still have a few dear friends there. Several of the writers are folks that I knew around town and the book designer Chad Pelton is one cut from the same cloth as myself. Even though Chad covered most of my image with a block of text, it all makes sense in the end. Building and working within a great network of creative people whom I love and trust is a life goal of mine and it is nice to see it in action.

Chad should be on a plane today to see me and have a good time here in Milwaukee. I only hope that the snow isn't an issue.

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