Portrait #3

Chad Pelton, Milwaukee 2008 ©jwl

My good buddy and book designer, Chad Pelton, came to Milwaukee for a visit this weekend. In some fit of misguided love of nature, he declared how nice it was to see snow. I took a minute to remind him that this was snow three for the year and he was lucky to go home. Last I heard, he was stuck in the Detroit airport, so maybe he realizes the faults of his love of precipitation.

Whatever the case, I was more than happy to see him. Beers, food, Alex Chilton, work on our book project, conversation and all the rest. Chad is a good dude to have around. I took some time to get a portrait of him yesterday before he left. Good to see you and thanks Chad.


Sheree Rensel said...

"Misguided Love of Nature" is right. I had a friend just come visit Florida. She kept saying it was weird to see Christmas decorations during warm weather.

I am a Detroit girl. I lived there for many years. I know snow. I now live in Florida. I understand the misguided love of nature. Every so often I miss snow. It doesn't last long.

Oh and my friend. She emailed me and told me it was 17 degrees when she got back to Detroit.
Yeah. OK. Misguided love no more. No thank you. LOL LOL

cmp said...

I wish I was still there...snow or no snow. thanks for the southern/northern hospitality. I will be back.

abigailann said...

1. i miss the snow
2. i would love to come for a visit.
3. your beard is lookin gray old man, lookin gray.
miss you.