An Afternoon In Memphis #1

Abandoned House, Memphis, Tennessee 2009 © jwl

I had a bit of a hard day shooting in Memphis yesterday. I don't know if it was the build up in my head about the trip or the excitement around my opening last night, but the early part of the afternoon was a long search. I tried to find something new and different and of course I landed on an abandoned house on the South side. I guess I am just drawn to these things.

Crosses, Memphis, Tennessee 2009 © jwl

Everywhere I travel, EVERYWHERE I go I see these triple cross monuments. I often wonder if they come in a kit or if that many people got the same idea across the country. I stop and shoot some of them, but it is a collection that I have yet to truly fulfill. I had to stop for these because I feel that the color and the scene are a greater benefit in the image.

Marquee, Memphis, Tennessee 2009 © jwl

As I drove in circles I passed this building four times. I made myself skip by it in order to push myself toward something new. After the fourth time I just gave in and stopped the car. Sometimes temptation is worth giving into :). Plus it gives a chance for my faithful assistant, Little William, to be seen in my work.

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