An Afternoon In Memphis #2

MEMPHIS, Hwy 51, TN 2009 © jwl

Bridge, Memphis, TN 2009 © jwl

Luckily the fading light stayed with me long enough to get to the river and have a look at the bridge to AR. I may head back tomorrow and spend some time by the water. There's definitely more work to do here.

One Stop Food Mart, Hwy 51, TN 2009 © jwl

This looks like an abandoned convenience store left behind by aliens. Eerie structure and space.

Red Chair, Memphis, Tennessee 2009 © jwl

It seems I can't take a trip to photograph anywhere without bringing back a chair!


dwayne said...

these look great

dwayne said...

oh, i also stole your images and posted them on the caseworks site.