For the curious...here are some production shots from the WAR ROOM of the GHOSTS & NUMBERS that I will be showing @ Aisle Nine's Artspace in April.

Above we have some of the NUMBERS mounted and ready for the router. Piled up in the back are the ENTROPY images that spearheaded this new process of wood mounting and whatnot...

Here we have one of the king daddy GHOSTS, fresh off the printer awaiting the wood mounting process. This bad boy is about 20x30, there are some 12x15 versions lurking in the top left of the shot. There are full on jpeg images of GHOSTS elsewhere on this blog, just click the tag below.

The process of making these images is a bit complicated to blog, but I assure you it is time consuming and tedious. Along with the wood mounting, these bad boys get some attention.

This is a pile of primed wood, waiting to get cut down and made into a home for images.

Stay tuned for more as these babies come to life. and don't forget to come out for First Friday, April 6!!!

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