Warning, Highway 25W, KY 2014 ©jwl

Here's the New News.... I have been back in Tennessee for almost 4 years now. I haven't been producing photographs, but I have been collecting them. As I try to get back into a consistent habit of making and processing images I am also starting to take notice of the patterns that emerge from this work. One such pattern is turning out to be a very strong attraction to roadside religion and all it's signage and statement. I thing I am giving this collection the title of Found Gods for now.

Since I feel that an entire collection of Jesus & Crosses and all that might get old as a body of work unto itself, I am probably gonna throw another couple of ideas into that mix like the idea of Hand Painted Signs and/or Manufactured Nature images mingling with God in this photographic party.

4 Deer, Highway 321, NC 2014 ©jwl

The idea of the hierarchy of hand me down creativity really excites me. Like God creates Man & Nature, Man creates Nature images & Icons and alters the natural landscape, then Man turns around and worships God and all the has created. Kinda, right?

However you see it,  I am gonna investigate these themes all at once and see where I end up photographically.

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