Give The Little Guy Some

 2 TVs & A Broken Chair 2013 © jwl

I have been on a feverish film binge ever since I got that last batch of film processed. In fact, I am wondering if I might not shoot digital at all for 2015... I know that isn't really the most dramatic thing anyone has ever said, but I have gotten used to the ease and immediacy of the digital process over the past few years. I wonder how things might change without it for a bit. I have been feeling like a schoolboy, waiting and  wondering what the film will have to show me when it gets back from the lab. That feeling as well as not having a second image (ie a digital version) to fall back on makes me be more direct and careful while in the field.

 Paradise Palm, HWY 25E, TN 2013 © jwl

I made these photographs with an Olympus 35RC. It's a compact 35mm camera and one of my favorites in the collection. My 'collection' of small cameras isn't large (no pun intended), but it is effective. I really like the lens quality of the Olympus/Zuiko cameras as well as their unassuming bodies. I have 3 of them. You can pull them out in most any situation and not have that 'photographer' look that some folks don't respond well to. The lenses are super sharp and can get you great images in almost any light.

I have been nerding out on these small 35mm cameras a lot lately on instagram, so much so that I have been surfing eBay for a couple more cameras.

Suitcase, HWY 63, TN 2013 © jwl

I often have the smaller cameras on hand while I am making photographs to 'sketch'. Either to inspire larger format ideas or collect smaller intimate details along the way.

Before my friend Matt Hall left Knoxville to profess Architecture at Auburn University he and I took a rather fast Saturday Drive. It wasn't quick, mind you, it was fast. Where I like to collect unassuming Japanese Cameras, Matt Likes to collect German Sports Cars. The Black Porche was a fine machine for making art. Above are a couple of my creations from the day. I hope to see Matt soon, I miss our banter and creative energies.

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