We All Scream!!

 Hand Painted Sign, HWY 321, NC 2014 © jwl

Today the weather has put East Tennessee down in the Teen Temps. I know that a lot of the country gets colder than that for longer than a few days. Now that I have been reacclimated to the Southern Weather, I hate the cold even more than ever.

What better time to think of warmer times, ice cream & art made from art!

Cone, HWY 13, WI 2009 © jwl

What I mean is that I love Hand Painted Signs. When someone needs to advertise or convey a message to a lot of people in a very simple way, paint a picture. Painting & Drawing have been a part of human existence before we wrote words, why stop now? I feel an obligation to use my creative communication tool to document other attempts at communication, especially when they are on the edge of Simple & Beautiful.

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