Retracing My Steps

Building, HWY 129, TN 2009 © jwl

Yesterday's drive took  me down a road that I had been on before. That's not entirely uncommon, I've repeated a great deal of asphalt to make photographs. The road in question was a surprise, however. I had been there while my good friend Chad Pelton was at the wheel on a fishing trip. I found this colorful building on that trip back in 2009. The building is still there, but the spirit of this photograph has fallen away. I wonder what the significance of that is in general. Do you steal the spirit on the initial photo? I doubt that, otherwise I wouldn't love Wm. Christenberry as much as I do!!

Yesterday was a longer and more inentional journey around the South end of the Smoky Mtns. I am looking forward to getting the film back on this and the most several Saturday Drives...

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