Second Chances

4 Crosses, HWY 16, WI 2009 © jwl

I snagged this beauty during a Cross Wisconsin journey almost 6 years ago. At the time, I felt it a departure moment stylistically. I was just beginning to break away from the more head-on stance that I had been using starting with the Night Work and onward.

Looking at it today, It is welcome a long side many roadside religion style photos that I have been making for some time. Only recently have I given these images a loose collective title of Found Gods. Now that I am getting more interested in the idea of the Found Gods, my eye is training toward them more and more while I am on my Saturday Drives.

Red Cross, HWY 441, TN 2009 © jwl

Here is an example of the head-on approach and another early Found Gods moment.

I feel a show and a book coming together in the next few months!

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