No Place Like Home

 Burned Out Home, HWY 30, TN 2015 © jwl

This week I had a nice Saturday Drive. Once again Eli Johnson sat shotgun and we wandered South West. Not your typical photographer's SW, like O'Keefe and the majestic desert of Tuscon or what have you, no we just drove SW out of Knoxville.

I hit a couple of familiar roads and took notice of a few things, Eli was all charged up with that fresh look kinda face. One familiar road that I traveled, albeit very briefly, was the digital photography road. Even though I had given myself some 'film only' rules early in the year, I broke those rules simply because I could. Also, It's at times nice to see some fruit after a trip to the market. Everything doesn't have to be mail order!

The main reason I took out the D200 was because I have been analyzing my images a lot of late and the photos that my digital unit produces are very sharp. What I have to make a point to do while I am in the field is to NOT use the same viewpoint of a subject with multiple cameras. I have found that I have several versions of the same subjects and I am starting to get a little disorganized. But that is my problem, not yours, enjoy the show!!

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