Photo Collecting

Kudzu House 2, HWY 92, TN 2013 © jwl

I have a collector mind. When I am interested in something, I tend to gather as much of it as I can. Records, Books, Shot Glasses, Pocket 35mm Cameras, you get he picture. Lately I have been shedding some of my collections to make way for a more sustainable and, more importantly, useful collection of possessions. Leaving it to the things that I can use to make other things. Cameras, Tools, etc. That doesn't mean I have stopped collecting Things, I am just a little more reserved about what they are.

As a photographic artist who travels back roads, I have the opportunity to notice a lot of common things along the American roadside. Barns, Billboards, Crosses, Marquees, Chairs, Abandoned Everything...

Not that I am deciding to collect them in particular, but ever since I began visiting the Kudzu House, I have noticed more old homes covered in the parasitic vine of the South. This one made my attention a couple of Summers ago on a rainy Saturday Drive. I was compelled. Without any ideas as to what to call it, I guess Kudzu House 2 will work.

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