Self Expression & The Vernacular

Flower Bed, HWY 27, TN 2014 ©jwl

Sometimes, just by driving down the road, you can get a sense for some people. I've never met them, I probably never will, but I can tell that whoever made this little garden in front of their home has a cute sense of humor.

Even though I RARELY photograph a person, I believe that I am still making photographs of people. Nearly every image I make has a glimpse of the way people live in, decorate, disregard, and create landscapes within their spaces. These are the details that I am looking for when I create my work. I am looking for the sense of a space and that Space exists within a greater framework of a Region within a Whole of the American Vernacular Landscape.

Sadly, when asked what kind of photography I 'do', I can never truly say these words or convey these ideas in the moment. I'll work on expressing myself a little more directly the way the builder of this Flower Bed has.

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